You can’t use the word ‘Saga’ either…Only Candy Crush Saga(maybe)


As a followup for the rather strange but controversial trademark application that Ltd. is after for the word ‘candy’ as per usage in their popular mobile app, Candy Crush Saga (found on our previous article You Can’t Use the Word ‘Candy’ Anymore or You Get Sued (Soon)), they are now after the word ‘saga’ which is also included in that same title. On December 27, 2013 wrote a Notice of Opposition against The Banner Saga‘s developer Stoic.

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You Can’t Use the Word ‘Candy’ Anymore or You Get Sued (Soon)

King Capitalizes on Tradmarking the word CandyKing, the makers of the undeniably popular mobile platform game Candy Crush Saga has attempted to trademark the word ‘Candy’ in efforts to make sure its cult remains alive and breathing.

The trademark of the word ‘candy’ was filed by Ltd. in February 2013 and was approved on January 15th, 2014 for publication. For the purpose of branding, the ‘candy’ trademark would restrict ‘candy’ as a title, or part of a title, in video games, electronics, accessories to everything else including but not limited to: “…bath robes, bathing caps, bathing suits…pajamas, pants, paper hats for use as clothing, sandals…“, not even Amusement Parks are safe!

ON BEHALF OF THE Ltd., Apple has begun to inform publishers regarding the use of the word “Candy” in their title.

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[Rumor] Leaked WiiU 2 Spec’s Unveiled

Leaked Wii U 2 NintendoSome Leaked WiiU 2 Spec’s have been published and we’re not going to believe a single lick of this information… And if any of this is true, we’re going to go ahead and laugh at those who went out of their way to purchase the failing WiiU.  This is pretty harsh coming from us good guys who like to give everyone their chances… but this seems to be a nice kick in the crotch. It reminds me of a time when the Griffin Family purchased their HDTV only to find out on the news that their new TV is now Obsolete!

The details originate from an anonymous source which had been an acquaintance of an individual over at, then picked up by which is notorious for bogus news (that has gotten us in trouble before while as we steal content from a number of sources).

While Nintendo may indeed by working on new “Next-Next-Gen” consoles, we’re going to highly discredit the information we’re about to post below:

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Borderlands 2 Coming to PSVita in March 2014

It looks like we’ll be seeing Borderlands 2 Coming to the PSVita in March… or sometime within the near future according to what we’d like to call “leaked marketing”.  It’s a tactic we’ve seen by numerous companies to create free hype over a product via social media.  This time, 2K Games International’s twitter page “accidentally” exposed the news in a post that was quickly deleted. (Newegg had also revealed a Vita launch which was also taken offline in December 2013)

The tweet was captured by Joystiq:Borderlands to Vita

The folks over at Gearbox Software have stated in the past that they wished to move over to the handheld console in the past and we believe this is the big push they were aiming for.

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PlayStation 14 for ’14 Sale Underway


The PlayStation 14 for ’14 Sale is underway starting today and ending on January 20th. This is Sony’s gift for the New Year to Sony fans. The PlayStation 14 for ’14 Sale has a variety of games on sale through PSN which can give up to 50% discount and 75% discount for PS Plus users. Below is the list of games that are for sale in the PlayStation 14 for ’14 Sale:

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SimCity Offline Mode Was Not Easy.


SimCity (2013) is perhaps one of the most controversial games of last year.  Fans of the series begged and pleaded for a SimCity Offline Mode but that was just not “possible” according to EA’s then-General Manager Lucy Bradshaw.  Now that SimCity Offline Mode will be possible in Update 10, a year after the game’s release, EA explains why it wasn’t easy.

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China Lifts Ban on Consoles. Guidelines Soon to Follow

China Lifts BanChina Lifts Ban… A week ago, the Chinese government lifts the ban on the sale of consoles in China. The 14-year-old ban was introduced in 2000 when the Chinese government began to fear the rise of technology and how the youth is affected by it. However, the lift is only temporary and Chinese officials did not give an estimate as to when the ban will be imposed. That is not to say that lifting the ban gives leeway to console makers as it does have a limitation; the console must be manufactured on the free trade zone in Shanghai.

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January Borderlands 2 SHiFT Codes for Golden Loot Keys 2014

Borderlands 2 Shift Codes! January 8th, 2014 – These are the final Borderlands 2 SHiFT Codes that issue Golden Loot Keys. You can use these Borderlands 2 SHiFT Codes on your PlayStation 3, XBOX360, PC or Mac! The latest set of SHiFT Codes issue 3x Golden Loot Keys which will expire soon! GET ON THIS AS THEY ARE LIMITED IN QUANTITY!

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Sony PlayStation Now Service Hit Gamestop Shares Hard

640x250PSNowShares of Gamestop Corp. (GME) fell as much as 8% as Sony (SNE) announced their new PlayStation Now game streaming service.  The cloud-based service will bring streamed games to the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita consoles along with Sony Bravia TV’s, tablets and smartphones. The PlayStation Now service will include games from the PSOne, PS2 and PS3 consoles along big name titles from these systems and will be made available in the summer of 2014.

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This news while great for the convenience of consumers will directly effect the used game and console market as these products will be made available through the PlayStation Now service.

GME ends the day at $44.14 (-8.37% -4.03), SNE at $17.32 (+0.12% +0.02)

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[PS4] PlayStation 4 Games To Be Released 2014

ps4 firmware bannerThe PlayStation 4 has been out for over a couple of months with consumers eager to build their arsenal of.  Here is a list of games we can expect to see in the coming months:

January 2014:

  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition – 1/28/2014

February 2014:

  • Thief – 2/25/2014
  • Raymond Legends – 2/25/2014

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